Pitch: Bb(?), High Pitch
Maker: Brisson
Hallmark: Brisson et Cie/Makers/Paris
Place of Manufacture: France
Approximate Date: 1860-1880
Material: Dark wood
Keys: Brass
Keywork: 10-key
Serial Number: ----

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The keys are brass, with the salt spoon shape. It is a 10-key clarinet.

Information from Nophachai:
"Based on the photos, this clarinet has saltspoon key covers, keys mounted on screw-in pillars. So I think it was made not earlier than 1860 and not later than 1880.

There are [a] few things on this clarinet that can tell us [information] such as; "MAKER" stamped with the maker's mark, the key arrangement, and the H.P (high pitch, A= 452 MHz) - this clarinet was likely made for export to Great Britain's market. 

Regarding the market's value, there are several factors [which] make instruments high or low in value; maker's reputation, materials, innovation of the construction/key arrangements or systems, usability etc. Unfortunately, this clarinet falls into a lower value group ~ $50-$70."