Alexandre Selmer

Alexandre Selmer

Pitch: Bb
Maker: Alexandre Selmer
Hallmark: Alexander Selmer/New York (case badge)
Place of Manufacture: France
Approximate Date: 1926-1927
Material: Wood body, metal rings
Keys: German silver(?)
Keywork: Albert system
Serial Number: ---

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My thanks to David Love for sending pictures of his Alexandre Selmer clarinet!

There are plain Alexandre clarinets that I suspect were named after Alexandre Selmer, but I doubt they were made by the H&A Selmer Company.

The link to the historical pictures was sent by David also. They are from See below.

The only reason I duplicate some of the information from clarinetperfection is because I don't want it to vanish if the site were to be taken down.

Alexandre Clarinets - Barbier Clarinets  -  G Bundy Clarinets

Alexandre Clarinets were from Henri Selmer's Brother Alexandre.  (in summary from the old Selmer Paris website - info no longer on the new one) Alexandre departed to the US in 1885 and was solo clarinetist for several of America's biggest Orchestras (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony,  and New York Philharmonic Orchestra). He also struck out on his own and started manufacturing Alexandre clarinets in the US. 

He started the Selmer USA company in 1904 and then started importing his brother's, Henri Selmer, instruments to the US.   George Bundy, a former student, was hired to manage the company.  When Henri desperately needed assistance in producing clarinets Alexandre went back to France in 1910 and opened the Gazillion factory.  For a short period he produced Alexandre clarinets in France.  These clarinets are stamped "made in france" the US ones I believe had no marking of origin.  He then abandoned clarinet manufacture after helping his brother get his clarinet design "corrected".  George Bundy at one time sold wood Bundy clarinets, which were from one of the Alexandre (Selmer Paris) plants and not the specific Selmer Paris plant as some suggest.

You could say the Alexandre clarinets were Selmer Paris prototype clarinets. BUT they are not.  Alexandre Selmer is a Selmer, but not a Henri Selmer and then Alexandre did design the new Henri Selmer clarinets which of course resemble his clarinets.  Confusing"  basically in Paris there was Henri Selmer Paris, Alexander Selmer Paris (factories) and Barbier at one time.  The two Selmer factories, being Selmer (Henri & Alexandre).

Alexandre used to travel alot giving Master Classes in the US and Europe.  But due to the "Henri Selmer" lineage his history is somewhat obscured and forgotten.

SN 726x - manufactured 1926-1927

NOTE: There are Alexandre saxophones but those are Italian made and no relation to Selmer

In 1927 George Bundy buys his store from the Selmers and becomes the sole distributor of the Henri Selmer Paris instruments.  He names his company "H & A Selmer Inc."  H&A probably standing for Henri & Alexandre.  H&A is seen on vintage Selmer USA saxophones too.