LaCroix / M. LaCroix C clarinet

Thanks to John Willey for giving me the privilege to recondition and review this neat little C clarinet.

LaCroix Albert C clarinet

This clarinet came with its original wood mouthpiece. The entire clarinet (other than the mouthpiece) is of a lighter weight, less dense wood, not the ebony that one normally sees. Someone really did a number on the tenon joints. 

I was pleased that this clarinet plays reasonably in tune. It is nowhere close to the intonation of my Ridenour, of course. But for an antique C clarinet, this is very reasonable. A smart player could play this in tune. 

This is made by whoever it was that used the “France” label— aways in double quotes. I believe that this would be a Thibouville product.

There are also a couple of pictures of another LaCroix Bb clarinet.