Phil's Clarinets For Sale

I am normally in Indonesia for seven weeks is February-March and September-October. 

Currently I can't ship these out of the USA. Contact me via a private message on the forum if you would like overseas shipping.

I have nothing for sale currently, except some Irish flutes.

Because of the increasing demands of my Bible translation work, I only occasionally will sell reconditioned clarinets. When I have them, I will sell them here rather than at auction sites. 
More about my work is under “Who is Phil— really?

As time permits, I still want to provide bargain prices for clarinets to families who are employed full-time by non-profit organizations or to missionary schools. Or, if you are needing a plastic student-model clarinet for your child but cannot afford one, have your school music teacher contact me. 

Any clarinets purchased from me are guaranteed and are eligible for special prices for “Spa treatments.”