Conn history

This page is nothing but a notebook right now.

From Steve Asmus:
I was doing a little Conn research early this morning and found this old Conn literature on  This is some very interesting reading on the Conn instruments.  I did discover the actual name of my HP Conn clarinet with the Pupechi system key.  I think the one you have on your site is probably a 1906 model judging by the logo on it, I think that was only used for 1 year on them, 2 at most, unless they did not update their advertisements.  It also looks like this Improved system clarinet was introduced in 1900, as in 1899 it does not appear they were offering it as an option in the Wonder clarinet line.  Just thought you might appreciate this information if you had not seen it before.

    There is also some very interesting reading on the Conn 444N models etc.  Looks like they were initially introduced in 1935, and in 1939 they were equipped with the patented bridge mechanism.  Mine is a 1937 model, it is currently tore down and getting keys polished, but it is very interesting that under a rod on the lower post it is stamped Patent Pending in the wood.  They also have the entire process documented on the making and introduction of this line of clarinets.

    I think it's kind of funny, the Improved System All-Ebonite Wonder Clarinet in their advertising really sounded like it was going to revolutionize how the clarinet was played, I guess it didn't.  I would love to find a LP version of one of these at some point, but I am guessing they are pretty rare animals, I have now seen 3 HP versions of this clarinet, the 1906 model on your site, my 1907 model and I think a 1908 model is on Ebay right now, kind of tough shape and over-priced for a HP clarinet.  I think the earlier ones are quite distinctive as it appears they are stamped Wonder on the barrel and they have an earlier designed Conn logo on the bell.