I was alerted to this new clarinet by a clarinet-shopping parent.

The parent found the description at clarinuts.com, a company in Massachusetts. The company was selling this one used and reconditioned for $233. This is an excellent price!

As I look at this, I can't help feel that this is probably the same clarinet as made by the Chinese manufacturer who makes the Ridenour clarinets. I note that the rings at the tenon joints look just like those of Ridenour clarinets.

Here is the information about the clarinet at clarinuts.com:
Recent high quality hard rubber bodied student clarinet made in England. Excellent choice for the beginning through intermediate student and marching band. Compared to plastic instruments, it is free blowing, has good intonation, good projection, even response through the registers and a warm tone.
It has been remastered with Valentino pads and has been cleaned, buffed, adjusted and play tested. There are no blemishes and looks great. It comes with the original case, 7 day trial and a 6 month warranty. Comparable new model would be over $600 street price.