Mendini by Cicilio

This is NOT an Italian clarinet. It is a Chinese clarinet from the same factory as the Allora which I reviewed. Please don't be fooled by the positive reviews found on the page. People who write reviews do that when they first get the instrument. Chinese clarinets like this all present well, and the student will be able to get some beginning sounds out. The parents and the students are always delighted— at first. But the band teacher will NOT be delighted when he/she discovers that this instrument cannot be played in tune. It could take 1-2 months (depending on the ability of the beginning student) before the truth comes out.

Please see my review of the Allora clarinet before you buy this one!

By the way, all clarinets come with stiff corks. Apply cork grease. If it is still hard to put together, use sand paper or an emery board and file them down a little. Re-apply cork grease and try them again.