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Most of these links are a year old. Please leave a comment at the bottom if you find a broken link.

Where to find Clarinet-related Information:

IMPORTANT —> Clarinet Assembling Instructions: The site seems to be organized for a similar purpose as this site.
And the instructions here include a video:

Where to donate your old clarinet:
Consider Scaling Barriers, which is a non-profit organization providing musical instruments to youth to participate in school bands.

Clarinet Repadding Information:
Some terse instructions for repadding are here, and Hornfixer is selling an instructional video on how to do it on eBay. But they have made free YouTube videos also. See the sub-page on Videos. Several technicians are offering clarinet reconditioning on eBay.

Accoustical information for the clarinet:

Miscellaneous Info:
This is the on-line blog for Clarinet Magazine. Information, blog posts, interviews with performers, videos.

This is just one site where I have found clarinet serial numbers (even for Selmer Signet), information on bore sizes, and answers to questions I don't deal with.

Anne Belle's Clarinet Website
More links to beginner's help lessons, serial numbers, fingering charts, clarinet discussion boards, and much more!

Dan Cipriano
Artley, Buffet, Selmer (Paris only) serial numbers.
There is a ton of information here! This site has Artley, Leblanc and Vito serial numbers. The “Has Anyone Heard of ...?” page lists some scant information on strange old brands. Advice for a beginner instrument is here
This web site is dedicated to the memory of Joe Allard, my clarinet teacher at the New England Conservatory. At the time I was in Boston at the conservatory, Joe flew in every week from New York. My room mate and I hosted him overnight every week, so we got to have extra conversations with him.

Wikipedia on the Clarinet
This is the first place to go for history, links to related instruments, repertoire, and much more. At the bottom there are links that deal with different fingering systems.

Specialty cases for clarinets or mouthpieces:

Clarinet Accoustics

Clarinet repadding how-to's:
Children's Music Workshop
VoTaw Tools
Sax repair (which will often work on clarinets)


Sherman Friedland's Clarinet Corner
Wowie! This is where you want to go for information on all kinds of topics only a college clarinet major would ask! Lots of things I won't deal with at my site are at this blog, such as information about embouchure, tonguing, technique, repertoire, breath support, and so much more.

Yasmin A. Flores has impressive credentials as a performer and has published some music for clarinet: She also has articles for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players. Highly recommended.

The Jazz Clarinet by Eric Seddon

Russell is a reader from New Zealand. 
A series of free articles written by Tom Ridenour which give helpful tips on clarinet technique and equipment.   Advice on what to look for in a clarinet can be found in "How to Test and Select a Clarinet".  The articles are a part of Tom's business website and do have the occasional promotional comment in them.

SimpleMusic - Bonomo  Sal is in Milan, Italy. His blog includes recordings, pictures, and videos. He started clarinet playing as an adult: “I started with an economic instrument, perhaps a Chinese one, received as a gift (a joke for my birthday).” My hat is off to Sal, who turned that joke into a fun hobby. (He plays a Selmer Soloist now.) His blog is a cultural treat.  Gary makes no pretensions about being a clarinet pro.  He has made a neat site showing how much he enjoys his clarinet playing hobby.

Forums with good information on clarinets

NEW! founded by Kyle Coughlin. [29Sept2012 CLOSED. Try the New link: See the Sheet Music subpage for more.] This includes a discussion forum, and groups for Jazz Clarinet Education and Metal clarinets. Download free finguring charts.