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Repair Shops & Places to buy Clarinet Junk

Create missing joints for historical clarinets:

Repair Shops
Check out Steve Coz' site:  Steve is located in Long Island, New York.

I have had no correspondence with Hornfixer, but one satisfied customer sent me this information. His price for reconditioning a Buffet R13 was excellent. Paul is the one who does those neat bird's-eye video CDs that are available on eBay.

Musician's Repair and Sales, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Back in 2008-2009 I visited Indianapolis and found this great repair shop. Rick Oldham is the second generation owner. Rick's dad and the first owner specialized in clarinet repair. This is an excellent full-service repair shop with a history that started in 1948. The repair shop is the main attraction, right up front as you enter the store. They also do sell new instruments.

I bought three instruments from Rick. I believe he will give you a fair and honest deal. Rick showed me some of their work and I was impressed. If you need a cracked joint professionally repaired, or would like the keys of your Buffet clarinet replated, I recommend this shop.

Muncy Winds
I have never tried Muncy's repair shop, but I'm sure it is top notch.
Maple Valley, Washington. Contact: Lars Kirmser. Lars also runs a Repair Tech Internet forum.
In Sydney, Australia. Check out their interesting web site.

Places to shop for Clarinet Junk:

Doctor's Products
This guy's stuff is uniformly good! But, alas, a bit pricey. So I don't actually use many of the Doctor's products, except I have tried his key oil, bore oil, and cork grease. I love the Forte Clarinet I got from him.

Muncy Winds
I buy mouthpieces, reeds, and barrels from Muncy Winds. If you need a shorter barrel to be in tune with a sharp piano or band, I really recommend the Muncy Synthetic (Standard or Diamond) barrel. They also sell wooden barrels. If you do not want to use a plastic barrel on your wood clarinet, you should research the many options out there on the Internet.
I bought a fine cocobolo wood barrel for my Buffet clarinet from Dr. Allen Segel.

Tom Ridenour makes his own brand of clarinets, barrels, mouthpieces, and his “Thumb Saddle.”

Tampa Dave's Clarinet Place
Good prices on lots of stuff!

I'm starting a section here. Entries here do not mean an endorsement. has a good list here.

Richard Hawkins
His student mouthpiece is $100 and made of hard rubber. I have never tried any of his products. I would like to.

Specialty cases: