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Pan Am Brilliante

This information is from Robert B and Jim, in response to a question from Tom who contacted me:

I don't own a Pan-Am Brilliante but I asked my friend, Jim, who is a collector and here is his response:
I was really excited to get a Brilliante because it looked just like a 524N in the eBay listing and was way cheaper.   It has very similar looking keywork and the one i got has a same design  adj. barrel.   However, it has a larger bore and slightly different key placements.   It plays far worse than any other metal clarinet that I have restored.   Worse, I couldn't use my regular mouthpiece.  I found an oddball [mouthpiece] that was not usable on any other clarinet but sort of worked on the Brilliante.  At least one other collector had the same experience.   Take a pass on that one."

Unlike wooden horns with can modified by undercutting tone holes or adding a Chadash barrel or a Moennig barrel, the metal horns has some limitations to them that can restrict improvements to the playability and tone.

However, Tom (who is a senior citizen) and who has one said, "I rather liked it back in the day."