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It is worth noting that Thibouville also made metal clarinets also. See the attached PDF.

Information from Robert Bauder:
Brevete S.G.D.G means "Patented but not guaranteed by the French Governtment",  

M.R. Verny designed the J.T.L. French Guard clarinets.  There are examples of wooden one's but this is the first metal French J.T.L. I've ever seen. 

"Concerts Lamoureux" is the French Concert Society which goes back to the 1800's but still exists today, although it doesn't have the prestige that it once had.

Jerome Thiboville-Lamy (Lamy was his wife's name) & Co. had a history of making stringed instruments - violins, et al.  but they went into manufacturing clarinets and in some instances, Saxophones on demand as France during those time was rife with music workshops.