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Currently selling this blue model with gold keys on eBay. I think students wouldn't like being the only one in the band with a blue clarinet, but this would be fun for adults. The same brand of course has black models.

I would like to review one of these. I have sent a request to one seller asking for an opportunity to review this instrument, and I offer to pay for return shipping.

Dear philpedler,

I am an individual E-bay seller. When I aquire an instrument of good value I'll purchase it and resell on E-Bay. At this time this and the oboe are the only woodwind instruments I am selling. Thanks for your interest. I personally evaluate each instrument and play in our church Orchestra.

- patrick3564

The eBay auction listing says: It sounds as good as my Gretsch Commander which is amazing for a woodwind instrument made of plastic.

But there was a Gretsch Commander that was a metal clarinet. Is that the one he means?! From searching on the Internet, evidently there was a plastic Gretsch Commander also. But surely he can't mean that one, given his statement here.