Counterfeit Buffet B12 on eBay

From what I have seen recently, this Chinese company must finally have been prevented from offering fake Yamaha YCL-250, but they are still selling fake B12s.

Here is an example of an illegal counterfeit:

Shipping $150! High shipping prices are not allowed by eBay. If you don't get your $17 clarinet and complain to eBay, the seller is obligated to only give back the $17, not the exorbitant shipping. Yamaha 250's pictured in such ads are as stamped “Made in Japan,” while real YCL-250s are made in Indonesia and stamped as such. The Buffet B12s have always been made for Buffet in Germany. (I hope someone will alert me if this changes.) So true instruments of these two brands are not likely to end up being sold cheaply in Beijing. I have repeatedly reported these listings to eBay. I see fewer of them than before, but there are still some getting on. Count on various details changing, such as the starting and shipping prices and the seller's name. EBay has not acted to block all such FAKES. Please help stamp out these listing by hitting the Report Item link found in the right column, as in this picture:
Note that this seller only has 9 feedback entries. DON'T buy an instrument from a dealer with less than 200!

Additional information from Kaiyu, a Chinese clarinetist:
(Buffet has now changed from the B12 to the B16, which is made in China and sold in China. They cost more than $400. I heard that a lot people have complained that the B16 is worse than the B12. They changed some[how in] connect[ing the] key[s] to plastic!)
The B16 is a new model confirmed by Buffet, and is not counterfeit. They just changed the factory to China. And about the B12s on eBay from China, I know they are counterfeit. But usually, it will be a different brand. [PhilPeler: Meaning they are not selling a B16 as a B12, but something else totally.]

Please help stop the selling of Counterfeit Clarinets!
Reporting counterfeits is quick and easy. Three things to choose and one fill-in box. Here's a sample of what to choose:

Below the three choices, after clicking, a box will appear for you to write in. There are two violations for these B12 auctions: 1) counterfeit; 2) exorbitant shipping.
I write something like this:
B12 clarinets are NOT made in China. Exorbitant shipping! Please kill all such listings!