Here is a review by someone who bought one of these on Amazon:
After reading many positive reviews, I am a very disappointed customer. I have already taken the clarinet to a music store twice to have the thumb piece replaced as the holes for the screws were not straight and the screws were too small. Also, clarinet has many problems including horrible sounds. I am not a satisfied customer and feel this was cheaply made. My son's music teacher is asking me to buy him another clarinet. As a single mom, I cannot afford another clarinet.

See my review of the Allora clarinet for what you can expect from this clarinet.

Sell for under $100. These are NOT Italian, but Chinese.

Never buy a funny-color clarinet for a young student. Kids starting clarinet do NOT want to stick out with a blue, red, purple, white, or yellow clarinet. 

See the Chinese Clarinet Page.