Windsor MI-1003 Student Bb Clarinet

The people who write good reviews for this clarinet and other similar clarinets are people who don't really play the clarinet! Like all Chinese clarinets, they look great when they arrive, and usually you can make a sound on them. But I am sure that this clarinet will play out of tune, just like the other clarinets produced by the same factory (which are given lots of different names). A beginning student might play this for a month or maybe even two, before the band teacher discovers that this clarinet cannot be played in tune.

You can't get a good clarinet for $49! Please see the review of the Allora, which is clearly from the same factory.

Here is a review of a Lazarro clarinet for sale for $75 on Amazon:
After reading many positive reviews, I am a very disappointed customer. I have already taken the clarinet to a music store twice to have the thumb piece replaced as the holes for the screws were not straight and the screws were too small. Also, clarinet has many problems including horrible sounds. I am not a satisfied customer and feel this was cheaply made. My son's music teacher is asking me to buy him another clarinet. As a single mom, I cannot afford another clarinet.