LeBlanc Bliss PROTOTYPE!

Feast your eyes on a (probably) rare and (probably) valuable LeBlanc Bliss prototype!

The LeBlanc Bliss is a fairly recent development in the clarinet world.  Innovations include a ringless body that leads to a one-piece look, a newly designed bell, and all manner of other fun and interesting things.

This Bliss, however, is something else entirely.

This particular Bliss is the model with wood bell and barrel, which is said to contribute to much better sound quality for much less than buying an all-wood model.

Why is this a prototype?
Several things lead me to believe this.
1. RINGS on the tenon. 
-Composite Bliss instruments are ringless on the body.
2. "Bliss" logo is unlike any other I've ever seen.
-Lowercase B compared to uppercase B, along with other style differences.  The logo on the bell and barrel are the finalized logos while the logo on the upper section is the prototype logo.

This clarinet was sold in September 2014 on Craigslist to a lady in Irvine, California, who ended up scamming me out of 200 dollars via a bad check.  Moral of the story - never accept checks!