New Big-V logo on 7212 model

For various Vito models, see below.

Bore: 14:85mm.

Please see the main Model Comparison page for how to interpret the results.
I am playing “dumb” and loud to test.
This is an example of good intonation, and with a “smart” player, this instrument will play in tune.
However the barrel is pushed in all the way! Vito players should have a short barrel in their case.
See the page about barrels.

About the headless pivot screws: It is important to keep them oiled. I seem to be finding more of them that are stubbornly stuck than screws with heads on the other horns that I have been reconditioning. Some of the screws have a dot of Lock-Tight on them that was put on at the factory.

High register
66mm barrel in all the way66mm barrel in all the wayanother Vito





B+10 ++13

A0 to -2+100
Middle of treble clef

G0 to +2+60


E+9 to +2+80



Throat tones

Bflat0 to -3+12 to +18

A0 to -3+10

G0 to -30










Vitos are most appropriate for beginning and intermediate students. They certainly play as well or better in tune as wooden instruments I rate as suitable for intermediate players. When I was teaching in college, I even had a clarinet major who played very nicely on a Vito. However, in any first rate music school, brand name snobbery will come into consideration, and a good wooden horn will be expected.

This first test is with an old Vito 3, which does not have the three tiny, curly springs. Serial #07574.
2nd is different old model, needle springs, serial #02131.
3rd is #D33552, a lot newer, with the Lyre shaped Vito logo.

Vito 3 reconditioned by Phil:
3Oct09 #C84211, from 1981.
12Dec2012, #B51420, Vito 3 model. This model has two spiral-type screws, one for C#/G# and one for Eb/Bb. Straight top trill key.
3May2014, #B08714, This has the same Vito 3 logo above and also says 7212. For Lauren H.
3May2015, #B29575, for Heather C. This model has a coil spring for the C#/G# and chromatic/bis Eb/Bb keys.

Newer Vito models reconditioned by Phil:
15Jun2011 model 7212  #096638
17Jun2011 #C39723, not marked as a 7212.
22Jul2011 #E48049, 7212, straight top trill key, Big-V logo. For Nicki's daughter.
30Jul2011, #C55853, 7214. Big Lyre logo.
4Aug2011, #A02660, 7212, Big-V logo.
11Sept2012, #C82370, 7214, curly lyre logo.
5Dec2012, #C96244, model 7214, big lyre logo.
28Dec2012, #C09423, model 7214. Hump on top trill key, big curly lyre logo.
12Jul2014, #C88230, model 7212. For Dale Smotherman.

Plain Vito reconditioned by Phil:
7May2014, A41261, for Len Allman.

Serial number information for Vitos found here.

Ken wrote with information from a couple of years before the info from the Leblanc Company Archive below:
1972 Lablanc / Vito Clarinet in a hard case. It is marked with the staff on the bell. The top section has the Staff emblem, then Claritone, then Kenosha , Wis then U.S.A.. My certificate of Warranty has model # 7141 A and the Factory registered serial # of 76703.

Clarientpages member, Bernie, wrote to the University of South Dakota and contributed this very helpful information:

Dr. Deborah Check Reeves
Curator of Education
Associate Professor of Music
National Music Museum
The University of South Dakota

To: National Music Museum
Subject: The Leblanc Company Archive

Hi Museum Staff,

I'm researching two clarinets made by Leblanc, the V40 and the VSP. I've
gathered a good bit of information on the VSP but I'm still working on more
history and pricing issues relative to production dates, production quantities.
The V40 I've drawn a blank in my research efforts: history, time of production,
specifications, pricing, serial numbers and year of manufacture.
Subject: Leblanc clarinets

Dear Bernie,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Leblanc's VSP and V40 clarinets. I have
some information for you. I would appreciate you sharing information you have
found with me, too.

There is quite a bit of information about the VSP. Perhaps you know most of
1. April 29, 1974 price list
a. First listing
b. Described as "first professional non-wood clarinet"
c. Model number 7177

2. May 1, 1983 price list
a. Model number is now 7277

3. April 1, 1984 price list
a. Model 7277 VSP is now the "Pete Fountain" model

4. Feb. 1, 1985 price list
a. Model 7277 is now just plain VSP
b. New "Pete Fountain" line introduced

5. Jan. 10, 1991 price list
a. No 7277 VSP (from plastic) listed
b. First listing of VSP grenadilla in two models:
7820 all grenadilla
7810 grenadilla body and resotone barrel and bell
c. Bore = 14.65 mm

6. Dec. 15, 1997 price list
a. Both 7820 and 7810 VSP models now have bore = 14.60 mm

7. Jan. 1, 1999
a. Last listing for 7810

8. March 15, 2002 price list
a. Last listing for VSP France model 7820

The V40 is mysterious, and I, too, have not found out much about it. Perhaps
you already know of this:
1. March 1, 1982 price list
a. First listing of V40 (but I have not been able to find price lists from
b. Non-wood
c. Bore = 14.85 mm

2. Still listed in 1997

That's all I have right now for the V40. It may be possible that I can find
some more material.

I hope this helps you. Again, I would appreciate you sharing with me additional
information you may have.