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Vito 7214P

This is a Vito model 7214.  The plateau keys would turn that into a 7214P, I suppose.

This clarinet plays generally as well as other plastic, open hole Vitos of the same period.  The only issue with it is that the throat-tone A comes out super flat while the B comes out super sharp.  This creates what seems like a step-and-a-half gap between the tones.  This issue is also found in a Conn Eb alto that I played once, but does NOT appear in plateau keyed bass clarinets.  Not sure why.

The saxophone pearls on the keys are an aftermarket modification, and can be easily removed to return the clarinet back to its original state.

This clarinet currently resides in the collection of David Watson of California.

Phil's plateau model Vito reconditioning:
10Jul2014, #20545, for Len Allman.  Great condition.