Recommended Clarinet Tech Services

Here are some people we recommended for Clarinet Reconditioning:

Hobbyist category:

David Watson (Dave Leblanc on the forum!)

David has owned and operated Watson Musical since 2012. He specializes in cosmetic and playing restorations of clarinets of all sizes. He can deal with most things wood except strings, but finds metal instruments to be the bane of his existence.
He currently resides in San Diego, California.

Cost: $110 plus all shipping for Bb soprano clarinets. Please contact for prices on other instruments.
Turn around time is 4-5 days, or shorter if the customer desires.

Phil Fields (philpedler):
I've slowed down quite a lot and I am out of the USA 3 1/2 months per year, but I still do some reconditioning. Feel free to use the Ask a Question form on the landing page of this site to ask me about your clarinet.

Windy Dankoff (windydankoff on the forum!) is an amateur woodwind technician and offers a variety of services.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Windy says the following:
I have skills accumulated from electronics, solar product development, machine shop, flute making, sculpture, performance, and more. I recently discovered the wonky wonders of the clarinet as a player, collector, and humble student. I’ve been resurrecting old instruments, including alto clarinets, and making them play wonderfully. I’ve even had some success at refacing mouthpieces.

I have a passion for the C clarinet. I use it for Jewish liturgical music in Sabbath services, and for jazz and klezmer. You can follow my Forum topic: “Chinese C clarinets / STL reviewed“. If you are interested in obtaining a wonderful and practical C instrument at a reasonable price consider buying the Chinese STL instrument., I can perform the adjustments for you, as I have documented on the Forum. I can do this as a service, or I may have a ready-tuned instrument that I can sell to you, on an approval basis. (I’ll be trying their A clarinet soon, too.)
Editor's note: is not affiliated with or sponsored by STL

I also do ergonomic modifications to instruments and mouthpieces. If something doesn’t fit your anatomy or your physical challenges, I may have a crafty solution. I have a jaw weakness. The conventional experts couldn’t help me. I worked out my own solutions. My thumbs land higher than most people’s, making problems on clarinets and flutes. My left pinky doesn’t seem “normal” either. I’ve solved these problems, and helped other people too.

With Skype or Facetime, we can interact quite effectively, in spite of our distance. If I can help you, I’ll propose something. If not, I’ll just say no.

Professional Clarinet Tech Services:

Jordan E. Kinsey, Owner/Technician of Kinsey Clarinets  
You can also find Jordan offering $99 clarinet reconditioning on eBay. She writes: My husband also uses it frequently. He is the professor of clarinet at the University of Delaware and play tests every horn I work on.

Jeremy Soule is the Vintage Clarinet Doctor. He gave me the following information:
I currently start full clarinet overhauls (that includes soaking in oil, swedging and countersinking mechanism, full buffing, all new cork and kidskin pads plus minor stuff like ring tightening, a new spring or 2 and tonehole refacing as needed) for $275, Albert systems start at $300, Full Boehms at $375.

I also do sop/alto/tenor saxes, (overhaul includes straightening rods, aligning posts, leveling toneholes, cleaning body, new pads and cork) with altos starting @ $350 tenors at $400, sopranos about the same.

Since I mostly work on old stuff, these are baselines, which ascend with condition issues, complexity of mechanism, etc. my hourly rate is a bit lower as I work from a home shop and have minimal overhead.
See the Contact page at his site linked above.

Please notify Phil (philpedler at the forum) if you would like to add someone to this list.