Auzie ClarinetBarrels

The products of are beautiful!

They have ebony or rosewood models, and can optionally be fitted with a brass sleeve.
The maker lists these benefits of the sleeve:

The sleeved bore gives a raspy tone when overblown and provides an easy care bore - no more swelling.

  • Increased volume and control
  • Easier phrasing
  • Better pitch
  • Improved security in all registers
  • More centered tone

I couldn't figure out why they would list as an attribute that the brass sleeve gives you a raspy sound when overblowing. Who wants that? So I asked them, and they said that this is an advantage for people who want to cut through an ensemble or who are after a new dimension in color.

Here are pictures of the two I bought:

My impression is that these barrels are excellent. I am unable to contrast them with Backun barrels, or those by Chadash or Segal. Certainly one difference would be that other makers do not have an option for a brass sleeve. And prices are below those of Segal. I was able to contrast these barrels with my Ridenour barrel. I like the response of the wooden barrel. I like the dark tone of the Ridenour hard rubber barrel.