Doctor Syntek Aerospace Key Oil

Here is more information from my e-mail discussion with Omar:

The woodwind community is loath to change old habits and traditional materials. Science and experimental evidence not available to these elders have presented us with a new set of tools and knowledge that indicate there are better oils, better greases, and better preservatives for wood and cork than have been used for ages. The old standard key oil was Nye Clock Oil which originally was the oil from the equilibrium bulb in the head of a sperm whale (and is copied in some new synthetic lubricants) but now since whaling is passé they have reverted to a refined petroleum product.  Much of the new synthetic lubricants mimic the properties of the best inventions given to us by God and Nature. I believe that a technician should use the best available products in their work.  The increased cost per unit is negligible over time and the satisfaction greater.

The aerospace key oil is indeed much better than any petroleum product.  It is synthetic and designed for the vacuum of space so it does not evaporate, has anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors, greater lubricating properties, does not change viscosity -200 to + 500 degrees F, and bonds to the metal surface. The nice thing about the vial is the long hypodermic syringe needle that gives a tiny drop and can be maneuvered into those tight spaces.

[25Apr2013] Since the above was written, now Dr. Omar has four kinds of Syntek oil for sale. Here is Omar's response about that:
All of the synthetic oils are a little different.  They come from a military - NASA synthetic lubricant company and only through trial and error was I able to find the right ones from the military specification designations. 
The Type 1 is a little more viscous than the regular key oil and is more favored by technicians.  
The Type 2 oil is very much more viscous, 
and I also make  a Type 3 & 4 oils used for older more noisy instruments and for saxophones to quiet the key work.

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