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How to install Valentino pads

If you are interested in repadding clarinets, be sure to check out the Video LINKS page.

Here is information I recently wrote to Ed:

I use the glue sticks that are available from Votaw Tools, and I get my pads there as well. I don't like the traditional pads they sell there as well. I use Valentino pads now exclusively. The glue sticks I use are marked with Votaw's name and stamped SURDUZSTIK. But really, I don't think they are not much different from mini glue gun High-Low sticks. They are a tad harder and a bit clearer than those.

If you use Valentino pads, the trick is to use hot glue to float the pads into place while avoiding heating the pad as much as possible. I do this by putting the glue in the pad cup first, heating it and evening it out in the amount needed. Then I assemble the key, and heat the pad cup again (with a soldering iron if on the LH joint), and slip the pad in and gently position it.

For shining the keys, I find that using a vibratory tumbler full of walnut shells works well. (Available at Harbor Freight Tools. I thank Kevin Bugbarn for that tip!) And, the Miracle Polishing Cloths are truly good. Maas Metal Polish and Weiman Metal Polish (available at Walmart) work very well also.