Evette & Schaeffer

The Evette & Schaeffer instruments from the period starting around 1950 to perhaps as late as 1981 were virtually as good as the Buffet R-13. They were made by Buffet & Crampon. I have sometimes noticed little fit and finish problems with the brand. It has been supposed that the same Buffet bore tools were used as the R-13. Some have thought that apprentices or less experienced craftsmen were running the tools and assembling the instruments. The wood seems to be of identical quality as the top Buffets. The key work and springs (sharp!) are identical.

This is a MUCH better instrument than the plain Evette shown on another page.

The instrument I tested here is Serial K25559, approximate date of making 1967-1971. Below the logo are small letters that say Modele Buffet Crampon.
(This came in a black case with large ribbing on the edges and rounded corners.)

High register
Barrel 65.09 pushed in all the way.
Pornoy mthpc.



D+10 to +5



Middle of treble clef

G+2 to 0





Throat tones

Bflat-0 to -2


G-1 to -5


E-4 to -2








Buffet R-13s are not better than this!
There is such tiny flatness in the throat tones that just playing softer and lipping will bring them into perfect tune. But in a band situation, a more advanced student will probably appreciate having a shorter barrel.
The instrument tested here is as good as many professional model Buffet R-13s, although I know not all Evette-Schaeffers are this good.

An old serial number chart from Buffet. This is courtesy of ClarinetPerfection.com. Click to see in detail.

ClarinetPerfection says:
“Evette-Schaeffer Master Models range from K5000 to K11000 which corresponds to 1953 to approx 1961. These can be considered the best as they also correspond to the R-13 introduction.” Evette & Schaeffer serial numbers (bottom of long page)
Master Models are marked clearly on the clarinet below the oval logo.

The two left pinkie keys are pin in hole style, exactly the same as Buffet R-13s.

Models of this vintage had black or brown cases with large edge ribbing and rounded corners like this.

Phil's reconditioning of Evette Schaeffer clarinets:
9Aug2013, #B843, for George C. 
16Aug2014, #K19572, for Pam D in GA. Wonderful clarinet! I have heard people say that the K serial numbers are good, and this one rivals an R13.
27Jul2015, #?276. This clarinet was donated to me. The barrel is quite short and was cracked. The logo on the LH joint has been 90% sanded away, and the logo on the RH joint is totally gone. Underneath the keys, however, both keyed joints have the same batch number: R42. The thumb rest has the north-south screw configuration, indicating a quite early model which might be 276 without any number prefixing it. If that is so, I am thinking that this is from 1920 or before. Picasa link Google+ link