Conn Director

Conn Director

I haven't yet played the vintage Conn 424 and 444. Those instruments are sought after as jazz instruments.

The Conn Director is more recent than the above, but continues in the tradition of wide bore instruments designed for the jazz crowd.

Bore: 15.25mm (Wide, like some Selmer clarinets.)
Barrel: 63.8mm
Bell: made of plastic, but artfully made to look like wood.
Serial: C16130, probably made in 1963.

The key work on the Director has set screws holding the pointed screw the key actually pivots on. This shows a dedication to craftsmanship, but since clarinet pivot screws don't normally go out of adjustment, it seems unnecessary. Even high end clarinets don't have such set screws today. Like Leblanc products, It is nice that the Conn pivot screws are headless, and can be put in as far as necessary to snug up the action.

High register
Pulled 2mm and using barrel ringPulled 3mm and using barrel rings


E+50 to +5

D+100 to +6


B+10+2 to 0

A+10+3 to 0
Middle of treble clef

G+6 to 120 to +3

F+30 to +3



C+3 to 00 to +3

B0 to +40 to +4
Throat tones

Bflat00 to -4

A-4 to 0able to lip into tune 0 to -4






Bflat+20+15 to 20

A+20+15 to 20

G+10 to +50 to +3



These results are about the same as a Selmer Signet.
I tested using my Portnoy mouthpiece and a Legere #4 Quebec cut reed, and playing uniformly forte.

A student playing this horn should make or buy barrel rings. See Stuff I recommend > Barrels and barrel rings.

The best web site I have found for Conn Serial Numbers is UArk.