Couesnon(?) with Selmer parts Unibody FULL Boehm

Here is an example of an earlier Selmer, possibly a Series 9 with Full Boehm keys. 

[Update by Phil] This page was created by Dave Leblanc. Thanks, Dave! I have moved this from the Selmer section because I feel that the center unibody part of this clarinet was not made by Selmer at all. After looking closely at the keys, I have decided to locate this here. It might also be Thibouville but it doesn't have the wide and thick rings. This is also not just like the Pedler unibody that I posited was made by Couesnon. Note the presence of the forked Eb/Bb mechanism that is in common with some Couesnon, Thibouville, and Hofinger. This seems to have been an intentional ruse to me. Someone wanted to pass this no-name unibody part off as a Selmer.

Unfortunately, the actual maker of this clarinet is unclear, as it is not marked on the body.  The seller posited that it may have been a Buffet.
The bell and barrel are marked Henri Selmer Paris, and possibly a small "9" or "S" underneath the logo.

It features everything needed to be considered full Boehm: articulated C#/G#, left hand Ab key, low Eb.

Unfortunately, this clarinet also features an approximately 7 inch long crack with 18 pins, basically making it the ugliest clarinet I have ever seen.

The Titanic Clarinet is in better shape than this.

Too bad.