Godfroy with Wrap-Around Register Key

This is a Godfroy Aine Paris clarinet with a wrap-around register key.  This style of register key puts this example at an earlier date than the other Godfroy reviewed here on this site.
The wood of the bell is made of a significantly less grainy and much denser wood; it does not appear to be made from the same material as the rest of the instrument.  Maybe it is ebony as it is very heavy as well.

Clarinet currently resides in the collection of David Watson from California.

Special Notes:
The lower tenon of the left hand joint at some point was professionally replaced.  The new tenon is made of aluminum and extends into the body far enough that holes had to be cut through the metal.  This new tenon is incredibly strong and very lightweight.  
If you have a clarinet that has high usage, it may be beneficial to have such a tenon replacement performed.