Wicky / Kaspar Wicky

Kaspar Wicky

Thanks to Kathy for these pictures!

Phil: Kathy says that this has a bore of 15.28mm, which suggests that it will play like a Selmer Signet.

Note the Buffet style pin-in-hole left pinkie keys.

I inherited this clarinet when my father past away but have been able to find out very little about it's manufacture. It has Kaspar Wicky Geneve stamped at the top of the upper joint in the front and has the word "Optime" above it. The serial # 46,xxx is stamped at the bottom (back side) of the upper joint yet I have found no dating chart for it anywhere. So far, I've found only a few references to Kaspar Wicky, one indicates it is/was a music store in Geneve, another references Kaspar Wicky as a manufacturer of Brasswinds (mostly Corinets), and several refer to the Kaspar Wicky fingering system for keyboard instruments that was developed in the late 1800's. Phil has also done some research on my behalf and essentially found the same. If there is anyone on this site who knows more or how I may find more out feel free to comment. I welcome your input. You can send me a message though this site. Kathy