Josef Kolar Simple System C

Josef Kolar LP C

Pitch: Low Pitch C
Maker: Josef Kolar(?)
Brand Name: Josef Kolar(?)
Place of Manufacture: Czechoslovakia(?)
Approximate Date: ~1850s
Material: Grenadilla wood
Keys: German Silver
Keywork: Simple System
Serial Number: ---

Thanks to Jim for the images and information on this wonderful clarinet. From information from Jim, this C clarinet plays well in tune.

Here we have a very interesting simple system LP (Low Pitch) C clarinet.  Made of tight-grained and dense grenadilla, it was probably made in former Czechoslovakia if the mouthpiece’s markings are any indication.

 An interesting feature is the seemingly original mouthpiece, marked “Josef Kolar/Kladno”.  Information for Mr. Kolar can be found here:

The mouthpiece is actually an Eb clarinet piece.  C clarinets vary in what kind of mouthpieces they can accommodate – some take Bb and some take Eb. 

The clarinet features pins instead of actual screws – making this quite an early clarinet, dating possibly to the 1850s.

The added left hand pinky key is an alternate actuator for the top right hand pinky roller key, a quite rare and unique addition.  So although this clarinet is definitely considered a simple system, it does have an “advanced” feature.


Measurements of the instrument as follows:

Total length = 3.105"
Tenon OD = .75"
Tenon ID = .535"
Table to tip = 2.525"

Total length = 2.170"

Top joint:
Total length = 7.75", including tenons
Top ID = .470"
Bottom ID = .485"

Bottom joint:
Total length = 8.25"
Top ID = .485"
Bottom ID = .500"

Total length = 3.25"
top ID = .620