Leblanc / Noblet

Leblanc and Noblet were originally separate French woodwind manufacturing companies dating back to the mid-eighteenth century. However, the last Noblet, having no heirs, passed on his company to a Mr. G. Leblanc in 1904. Leblanc  continued to make clarinets under the  Noblet name. For more see Noblet/Leblanc History.

Basic LeBlanc Models
LeblancSymphonie and other professional models
Nobletupper intermediate wooden models, many as good as LeBlanc models. In later years, Noblets and LeBlancs have Poly-Cylindrical Bore technology.

(made in France and assembled in Kenosha, WI)
The Normandy is almost the same in quality as the Noblet. One difference was being assembled in the USA rather than in France. Normandys are straight bore instruments.

I consider that Normandys with a wooden barrel are somewhat better than the ones with a plastic barrel. A plastic bell doesn't change the value to me.

For a few years, sometime in 1960s or 70s, some Normandys were made 100% in plastic. These should be considered the same as a Vito, except they seem very prone to breaking in the lowest tenon.
(made in Kenosha, WI)
good quality plastic instrument, and great for beginners

The above 1974 UK price listing is courtesy of clarinetperfection.com.