LeBlanc LL Three-Cornered Hat Model (#2)

This article is by Dave LeBlanc.

David H. asked me to refurbish his clarinet for his daughter.  Interestingly, said young lady is in middle school, which I thought was a little young to be playing on a pro instrument, but no questions asked!
Instrument came to me in excellent condition.  

Interestingly, it even came with the original "seal of assurance", something that I've never seen before.  It also came with what appeared to be the original reed case, or at least a period-correct one.

Instrument came with original mouthpiece, ligature, and mouthpiece cap.  Mouthpiece cap and ligature were silver plated, but the keys were not.

LeBlanc LL Before

Quality of the clarinet was very high.  The wood was nice and high-quality, the keys were strong, and even the original mouthpiece is an excellent piece.  

I did not have a chance to get any intonation results, but from what I could tell, it was pretty solid.  It was a joy working on this clarinet.  Something I especially liked was the fact that the logo was very conducive to effective two-toning!  Although it's not for everyone, I find that two-toning the logo on a clarinet really gives it a unique character and turns it into a great conversation piece.  

LeBlanc LL After

This is a great instrument for everybody, even middle-school girls!