Leblanc LL three-cornered-hat model

Thanks to Tom Y for letting me review this instrument!

The 'three-cornered hat' designation is my own. I don’t know what name Leblanc used when they marketed this clarinet. Would it have been an early Symphony model? See the later model below which is called an LL model.

Serial  #15905

Barrel:  65.8mm

Bore LH joint top:  14.7mm

Bore LH joint at bottom:  14.7mm

Intonation summary: I play too flat to be able to use the 65.8mm barrel. Using my 64.2mm barrel I was almost in tune. My impression is that this would have excellent intonation for pre-poly-cylindrical bore clarinets. The low A was only 10 cents sharp.

Key work quality: Top rate. Note that this has the independent posts for the right-pinkie Ab/Eb key.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: anyone, including serious students and advanced players.

Condition issues noted: None.

Leblanc three-cornered hat

The three-cornered hat model may be the LL Model.

This picture was from an eBay listing which had this information:

Very rare professional Leblanc Plateau (closed hole) "LL" model wood clarinet.  Serial #51018.  

Now, plateau clarinets are fairly common, however, I've NEVER seen a professional model.  The "LL" was Leblanc's top-of-the-line.  I've called four vintage woodwind dealers and all of them said they have never bought, sold, or even seen a pro Leblanc plateau.  That being said, I have had a difficult time finding out much information on them.  The music store I used to work in for in Nashville has a Leblanc catalog from 1996 and they retailed for $3800 back then.  This means a music store would have had to pay around $1650 for one.  I've called Conn/Selmer (which bought out Leblanc) and they don't have any records of them anymore but said they were last offered around 2005/2006.  There you go…that's all the information I know.