Marbeau / Jean Marbeau

Serial  #none found on the plain, no-engraving Marbeau.
Barrel:  65.9mm
Bore LH joint top:  14.4mm
Bore LH joint at bottom:  14.4mm

This has the Couesnon type no-adjustment screw A throat tone key. Under the right pinkie keys, there is a chiseled out place only for the crow-foot. The left pinkie keys are on a single post and pin-in-hole type.

[Update 9May2015] Just reconditioned Brigette's plain Mareau again. I think it is a Thibouville product. I also have just now reviewed a Jacques Robert clarinet that was made by the same maker. Because of the wrap around register key, I think that the Marbeau is the ancestor of the J. Robert. Note that both have excellent intonation.

Jean Marbeau

Brigette sent me the picture of the bell of a fancy Marbeau. The whole clarinet of the fancy one is similarly engraved.

Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Model Comparison Page.

For this test, I pulled 0  at the barrel and .5  in the center for this horn. [9May2015 pulled 1mm in the center. 0 at the barrel, but now using a different mouthpiece and type of Legere reed from the first test.]

High registerAndroid DaTuner nTune
F0 1
E0 8
D5 0
C0 -1
B-3 0
B-flat-10 -2
A-2 0
G-4 5
F-4 0
E-2 0
D-4 1
C-2 5
B-2 5
Throat tones 
Bb0 1
A0 11
G0/5 10
F-1 0
E-2 0
D3 5
C3 9
B-flat0 7
A0 6
G-11 -4
F-13 -10
E-5 6

Intonation summary: Excellent. This is still pro-level. [1Dec2012] Today when checking this with a different reed, mouthpiece, and tuning program, I feel that this is still great intonation, but I would need to use a shorter barrel.

Wood: There is a crack in the upper joint, going up from the top trill key tone hole. The wood has a very shiny finish, and is such tight grain that I at first thought it was hard rubber.

Key work quality: Extremely fine quality nickel keys. North-south screws on thumb rest. Single post for left pinkie keys, which are pin-in-hole type. Wrap around register key.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: Anyone, especially someone who will value a fine vintage instrument.