McIntyre (Complete!)


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Pitch: Bb
Maker: Thibouville(?)
Hallmark: McIntyre System/Paris/Patent Pending
Place of Manufacture: France
Approximate Date: Early 1960s
Material: Wood body and bell, hard rubber barrel
Keys: Chrome plated 
Keywork: McIntyre system
Serial Number: ---

I had the wonderful fortune of being able to work on a beautiful and rare COMPLETE example of the (in)famous McIntyre System clarinet, owned by Brigette B.

This clarinet is a joy to look at but a pain to work with.  The four McSystem keys are incredibly difficult to keep in adjustment.  I studied it for days and I can honestly say I have no idea how the spring system works.  Nevertheless, it is a very solid instrument that would play great if only I could have figured out how to deal with those special keys.

This particular example exhibits all-wood construction, except for the barrel, which is made of hard rubber.  This is odd, because usually wood clarinets that had a non-wood part would have had the bell be the one - as the widest part of the instrument, it requires a large block of wood and creates the most waste.  
The fact that the barrel is hard rubber is quite interesting.  I believe it is the original barrel, however, due to the fact that I do not know of McIntyre making any fully hard rubber instruments.
The keys are extremely sturdy and will not bend, period.