Leblanc and Noblet were originally separate French woodwind manufacturing companies dating back to the mid-eighteenth century. However, the last Noblet, having no heirs, passed on his company to a Mr. G. Leblanc in 1904. Leblanc  continued to make clarinets under the  Noblet name. For more see Noblet/Leblanc History.

The two-page 1966 Noblet price list is attached at the very bottom of this page. Thanks to Bennett Price for sending that to me! (Click on the down-arrow to download it.)

The 1974 UK Leblanc/Noblet model list is courtesy of

For the newer models listed below, see the non-vintage Wooden Clarinets > Noblet page.
 from around 1963 to the late 1980s Noblet N and for a long time after, probably concurrent with the next models.
 1964? Noblet 40
 1972 Noblet 27
 1994? Noblet 45 
 1994? Noblet 4

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