Noblet DN / Noblet ND

Pictured below is serial #399. From information at, this oval logo was used from the 1940's. Given the low serial number, I would put the age of the horn at 1940. There also is a plastic Noblet DN with a rather low serial number, which I think was made near the same time, before the Normandy and Vito lines.

It seems that this oval Noblet emblem was in use from the 1940s through about 1962, then use of the diamond logo extended to about 1990. But starting around 1972 both the diamond logo and the newer  TV screen shaped logo were used, depending on the model number. And I am guessing the mountain shaped logo might have started around 1994.

The D and N are superimposed. Below is from serial #5838. This one also had Buffet style wavey shaped right trill keys, with the top two on a single post.

There is supposed to be more information that I will need to research another time.
The D [for Denis] was dropped {at some point} when they joined Leblanc.
The barrel below has the TV screen shaped logo (but is a from a model N, not DN).

#399 Bore: 14.5mm at both ends of the LH joint.
Serial #5838, Barrel 63.7mm. Bore 14.8mm at both the top and bottom of the LH joint.

The first test was of #399, (as always, playing loud, so that explains the flatness in the throat tones). The first test was with the pictured 66mm barrel. (I personally always play a 64mm barrel.) That instrument will play very nicely in tune for anyone who normally plays the standard 66mm barrel.
The second test with #5838 was using the original 63.7mm barrel, pulled out 1.35mm. The intonation is excellent. One doesn't get better intonation without moving to a poly-cylindrical bore instrument.

High register
FMIT #399

F-4 -8

E2 0

D2 0

C6 0

B10 10

A2 0
Middle of treble clef


G0 0

F-2 0

E0 0

D-3 0

C-3 0

B-3 0
Throat tones


B-flat0 -2/0

A-3 -2/0

G0 0

F4 -1

E5 -1


D6 0

C6 5

B-flat8 13

A10 13




This is appropriate for intermediate to advanced players.

Phil's Noble ND reconditioning:
Sept2010, serial #5838. Complete pictures.
Jul2011, #15560. Came to me with 60mm way-too-short barrel. Works nicely with Ivorolon 65mm barrel.
Dec2011, #16994. Has diamond logo, straight trill keys, and two olive branches surrounding the logo on the bell. Crack in bell fixed, and fixed chipping at center tenon joint. 14.6mm bore. Pictures.
Jan2012, #18952. Oval logo and straight trill keys. 14.8 bore. Pictures. It is interesting that the oval logo has a higher serial number than #16994.
12Jan2012, #1446D, oval logo. Weird that this has a D at the end of the serial number. Wood in excellent shape, extremely tiny chipping filled on center and bottom tenon. This is one is sweet!
8Dec2012, #9029D. Crack above top trill key tone hole was long ago pinned. I made it look better. Also the bell had a chipped place inside of the bottom ring which I filled.
21Dec2012, #8492D. No condition issues. For Kenn M.
18Jan2013, #99778, for George C. LH joint was long ago pinned. Can't seem to get the LH joint to hold suction. OK when blowing.
21Mar2013, #5696B, for Dennis W. The wood on this clarinet is perfect. Keys have some case wear. Very nice playing clarinet.
9Apr2013, #69533, for Bill W. who says it is a Noblet 45. The wood on this one is flawless. The keys are in very nice shape, only a tiny amount of case spots.  Great instrument!
14Aug2013, #18723. Oval logo. There was only one chip on the whole instrument, on the RH joint. I was deep enough that I squared it off and spliced in wood for a sturdy fix. Keys have little finger wear, but some case damage. No cracks in bell.
2Sept2013, #8399A.  For George C. Large-ish edge chip filled on the lower tenon of the LH joint. Keys show a lot of case damage and no finger wear damage. Good player.
3Feb2014, #3558B. For Scott Rhodes. Slight crack filled and stabilized in the lowest tenon. Beautiful condition. Nice instrument.
15Feb2014, #18763. This one I bought for resale. It had a chip of about 1/6th of the D ring's tone hole, the one covered by the second finger on the left hand. Good repair. The wood was otherwise in good condition. There also is a good deal of finger and case wear on the keys.  
26Jul2014, #2780. Hairline crack on the inside of the barrel was sealed and stabilized. For Jack Seeley.
9Aug2014, #4063D. No condition issues. Great player. For George Carrasco.
5Sept2014, #5090D, for Gideon Forbes. No condition issues. Oval logo.
Apr2015, #15940. I purchased this a long time ago for resale. No condition issues. Keys in nice shape.
30Feb2016, #15506. I purchased this for reconditioning and resale. There was a pinned crack found on the left hand joint, which was long ago done and it never opened up again. I fixed minor cracks in the last 1/2 inch of the right hand joint. There is case damage on the keys and some key wear. Excellent player.

If you happen to know DATES for when new Noblet DNs/NDs were sold, please send a message to Phil.
Jim M writes: I have a Leblanc Noblet Paris Clarinet. It has the Diamond/Noblet markings with the ND superimposed above. My family purchased this insturment in 1955 - 1956. Serial number is 2122 A.
Dennis W's Noblet DN, #5696B was purchased new from Sherman Clay in Seattle around January 1957.
James writes that serial #31107 was from 1964 or a somewhat before.