Penzel-Mueller 8347

This plays like a really good Penzel-Mueller! Thanks to Gary Kern for letting me work on and review this.
Gary calls this a Pre-Artist.
Left hand bore starts at 15.0mm and ends at 14.7mm. Barrel 67.0mm.

Penzel-Mueller 8347

Here is intonation information from Gary:
Penzel Mueller 8347
James Pyne Clarion mouthpiece
65mm David Weber barrel
 KorgClearTone KorgClearTone
C-20-12 Bb+1+5 
B-5-3 A+20+5 
A0+2 G+25+11 
G0+3 F0+3 
F+3+4 E-2-8 
E0+3 D+12+3 
D+10 C+5+4 
C+5+3 B+5-4 
B+11+3 A+3-4 

Here's what I would say about this kind of intonation: It is normal for clarinets to be flat on the lowest notes, so the low F being -15 is no surprise, even in modern polycylindrical clarinets.
The sharpness for A, B and C above that is less than normal. Quite good there. Consider pulling a bit in the center.
D +12 is not unusual. It might be able to be lowered by filling in the third finger tone hole a little. Unless this is fixed, we consider this intermediate intonation.
E at -2 is no problem. -8 is. But these will be OK when not playing loud. I assume this was playing loud all the way. 
The G throat tone at +25 and the high C at -20 is a severe problem! Gary, are you sure this is right? I suspect maybe a soft reed made you flat in the high register. If so, the G throat tone can be lowered by filling in a hole. I know the pad is not raising up so high as to cause this.
The A and Bb throat tones are no problem to fix. However it is too bad the Bb is not sharper. If you bring the A down by filling in the hole a bit, the Bb will start to go flat. The you would need to consider playing it more often with the side key.
Now beginning the upper register, the B and C are sharp because the low E and F were not flat enough! I often see low E coming in a -20 and the middle B in tune.
The rest is quite good until again, I expect you might be flat in the extreme high register.

You might consider getting a 63-64 barrel and pulling out. In that case the gap in the bore will actually help you tame the high throat tones. With various tweaks, you could bring this to the upper end of the intermediate category in intonation. Without tweaks, including reed and barrel changes, this is worse than intermediate.