Selmer London Gold Seal

This page is to make a record of information from Fred Dyer, from Liverpool in the UK:

I have a clarinet by Kohlert (Krastice) which is a Selmer Gold Seal I bought brand new in 1950 when I was demobilized from the army after national service.

The gold seal clarinets were made for Selmer London just at the end of WWII. I had  a choice of a Boosey & Hawkes with poor keywork or the Kohlert. (£52in1950!)  The Gold Seal had drop forged solid nickel keywork and came complete with a wooden mouthpiece. (At that time I was playing Brilharts on clarinet and my saxes, which a friend in the merchant Navy brought me from Arnold Brilharts in New York. The gold seal— a disk about 12mm in diameter, has “Selmer” molded into it. The gold disk is on the barrel and the bell of the instrument. It is a nice wooden clarinet and I enjoyed playing it. They also did some flutes with a gold seal disk but I don't know who made them. 

Trust you find this interesting. I greatly enjoyed reading your treatise etc on clarinets. Keep up the good work.  I still play 1st clarinet in the Heswall Concert Band (on the Internet) and I also run a band called Swing Era (also on an internet site). You will see my picture there if you look. Still modest as well as good looking at 84 this year!

Fantastic information Fred. Thanks so much! I didn't know that Selmer ever sold instruments made by Kohlert.