Selmer Signet Special

Selmer Signet Special #39042

The Special series is older than the 100 series.

Below is my 2008-09 first review of this model, one of my first when starting this site: 
Serial #29557, made around 1955-56, bore 15.0mm.

In order to correctly interpret the results below, please see the main Model Comparison page.

High register
playing almost forte
66m barrel pulled out almost 2mm,  #39042 Android nTune, pulled 0 at the barrel and 1.3 at the center


E+2 10

D+12 7


B+10 10

A+3 8
Middle of treble clef


G+2 2

F0 -2

E0 -5

D+5 -6

C+9 1

B+12 lifting,
0 resting on legs
Throat tones


Bflat-1 0

A0 9

G0 1




D0 11

C+9 10

Bflat+12 4

A+9 6

G+9 -3

F0 -8


Signet Special clarinets are appropriate for beginners, intermediate, and even fairly advanced players.

I picked up a rather new-looking Selmer Signet Special while in North Carolina. It is clear that it has had a rough life, even though it looked less than 10 years old. The bell is from a Selmer professional model, and was damaged. The left hand joint shows signs of being dropped. The right hand joint had a slight crack. And the instrument came in a lovely ProTec case. So what happened to the first bell and first case?! I think there was a catastrophe and they perished together. But I've fixed the crack and the bell. The key work shows hardly any wear.

Good thing they put metal rings on these.

The dents and scratches won't hurt the sound!

Before repair:

After epoxy and first oiling:

My policy is to NEVER sell an instrument that is repaired like this on eBay. A missionary kid is enjoying this instrument, and it will be played in Papua New Guinea.
If I sell an instrument with known issues, I will make these known on the auction listing.

The bell, from some other clarinet, showed curious damage like this in two places. I was able to fix it so you have to examine closely to find where the problem was.

Some approximate data on Signet serial numbers is at

Intonation results for Serial 55518, 14.7 bore:
These results were using a B45 mouthpiece and a 4 Legere reed.

Above is the mid-range F scale, starting on throat tone F on the left. This is good intonation, but the D is pretty sharp.
Below is the low range F scale plus low E (far left). The lowness of the C is odd, but the sharpness in this register is typical of this instrument.
The upper register is sharp, but that is the register where one can lip down.

Phil's other Selmer Signet Special Reconditioning:
2010? Serial #59675, perhaps made in 1968, bore 15.1mm. (The 66.4mm barrel with this horn may not be original.)
28Nov2010, Serial #55518 Bore 14.7 at top and bottom of LH joint, from around 1967. Oho! So not all Signets have the wide bore! The intonation results for this one are in the screen shots above.
11Nov2014, #141278, for Chris N. in NY. Good player!
24May2015, #39042, for Peter Nagourney. Great playing clarinet. 66.7mm barrel, 14.8 mm bore at top and bottom of the LH joint.