Older Composite Clarinet Reviews

About vintage plastic and composite clarinets:

In this section, here are *Phil's Favorites*:

In the wide bore category:

For this site I consider anything newer than 1980 to still be a current model. Some people say that some very old clarinets were made of Bakelite. This seems not to be true, from what I have read at woodwind.com. Many older clarinets from around the 1930's to the mid-1950's were made of hard rubber. Also Boosey & Hawkes made hard rubber clarinets much more recently. Some older hard rubber clarinets are quite good. I include them under the heading of Plastic, because people often think they are made of plastic.

From RichardLeBlanc: 
Ebonite and hard rubber are basically the same thing. Pedler also made a clarinet of a material called Grenlite, it is shiny and hard like the old Buffett B12. I think it is plastic.
Another name for a variety of hard rubber was the Grenatex by Martin Frères.

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