Alexandre HR

Revised review: 14Dec2013, reviewing Serial #52431. Thanks to Stephen Heape for giving me this second opportunity to review the Alexandre HR clarinet.
Barrel: 65mm; 52431 barrel is 62.2mm
Bore: 15mm, 52431 has 14.5mm bore
Key work: Sturdy key work, and very comfortable rings. They feel wider than normal.
Pads: Left hand mainly 9mm.

I have reviewed two of these and liked them both.
Alexandre Paris:

Alexandre Paris

Alexandre Paris/USA:
Why does the bell say “Paris” and below that say “Made in USA”?! My guess for the maker would be a late Pruefer product. The keys are unlike any French clarinet I have seen.

Alexandre Paris/USA HR

I would recommend using barrel rings on this horn, because one needs to pull out fairly far to be in tune.
However pulling out 3.15mm, as I did to test, is too far.
[2013] For 52431 I only pulled 0.3mm at the barrel— even though this is a much shorter barrel! At the center tenon I pulled 1.2mm. So between the two models, I assume there was a change or variation in how long the LH keyed joint was made.

I now think that this was made by Thibouville/Masson. [That guess was from a long time ago. I now think that Thibouville may not have lasted into the 1950s and this is more likely a Malerne product.]
High register
inserting barrel rings equaling 3.15mm 52431 using Android gTune

F+10 0/-2

E+16 to 20 3

D0 to +2 5


B0 11

A0 3
Middle of treble clef



F0 0

E-2 0

D0 9

C0 4

B-8 1
Throat tones


Bflat0 to -5 0

A0 -1

G-8 -4


E0 -3


D+12 2

C+1 to +8 1

Bflat+7 4

A+8 10

G0 11

F-6 -4


This is excellent intonation for a plastic clarinet. I'm guessing this was made around 1950.
[2013] The low throat tones are not a problem on this model, which has a slightly different bore. If these were played softer they would be in tune.
I saw information on eBay that wooden Alexandre clarinets were highly regarded.
New information: I finally got one and it is reviewed here.
I'll be happy to work on Alexandre plastic clarinets again.  [2013] Yes!

These gradually widening side keys are rather unique.
The third finger ring seems especially wide.

Key work:
These keys are seriously thick and sturdy.
[2013] Boy, is that true!

Jan2010: I have just recently restored an Alexandre wooden clarinet, and I do not like it nearly as well as this hard rubber model.

[2013 #52431] Most appropriate for: Almost anyone, beginner to intermediate. Because of this clarinet being made of hard rubber, it has a very nice sound, keys able to withstand a beginner's rough treatment, and good intonation.