Normandy Resotone

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The Normandy Resotone clarinets are good student level instruments. See the complete Normandy Model listing here.

The intonation of the Normandy Resotone is virtually identical to the Vito model, which was also made by Noblet.

The one problem with the Resotone is that the plastic is very hard and rather brittle. I feel that this is the reason I have seen so many Resotones that have broken tenon joints. Please don't sit on any assembled clarinet, but particularly not a Normandy Resotone!

Thanks to David L for sending a picture of a rare Normandy Resotone stencil, “Custom made for G. Schirmer INC, New York, NY.”

Normandy Resotone 3127B

7May2013, #3040D, For Len Allman. Pitted keys. But great player.