Renne / Guy Renne HR

The Guy Renne clarinet I have is a good example of a Couesnon clarinet. I have liked all of the Couesnon stencil hard rubber clarinets. However, this one has too many screws that refuse to budge, plus one broken key. I have elected to just keep it for odd parts.

Barrel: 63mm
Bore LH joint top: 14.85mm
Bore RH joint bottom: 14.85mm   This is a little wider than some of their wooden instruments, and not as wide as the Jean Cartier, which could also be by Couesnon.

Clear signs of Couesnon being the maker are:
  • Single post for the left pinkie keys, which are pin-in-hole design.
  • An indent under the right pinkie keys.
  • Straight shape for the bridge key on both parts.
  • The LH C#/G# tone hole has no bevelling like all the other tone holes that are closed with a pad.
  • The throat tone A and G# keys are held with three posts, instead of four.
  • There is no adjustment screw on the top of the G# throat tone key.