Amati is a Czechoslovakian brand name. These are sold by a major Internet music instrument seller, so I expect to see some of these sometime.

For sale in the USA:
ACL615II Full Boehm Bb.
ACL675    Professional A clarinet
ACL 371   Intermediate A clarinet
ACL311    Student clarinet, wooden.
ACL351    C clarinet
ACL340S  German fingering system in the key of G (?!)
ACL261-O Eb clarinet

Paul Plier fron the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg says about the ACL313, “This is a really good instrument.” Of the ACL315, a full Boehm, was “a real catastrophe” because of key work problems.


Here are interesting comments from Barry in NSW Australia:
Hi Phil. Here are some photos of the Amatic Klaslice Clarinets that I have , a Bb Model # ACL 605
and an A model # ACL 675. These are full boehm mechanism. As mentioned previously , I've had these clarinets for some time , perhaps  18 years.
I purchased them from a Melbourne company called Lamberti. The Bb has been my main Clarinet up till recently when I got a Lyrique 576BC. The Bb was actually not in working order even though it was new, so they sold it to me at a reduced price. The serial numbers are :- Bb.   304655 stamped on the lower end of the top section and the top end of the lower section. It also has 'Made in Czech Republic' stamped on the top end of the lower section below the serial number. The bell has AMATI KRASLICE. stamped on it. The A has only the serial numbers stamped in the same places :- 201209 The bell has AMATI KRASLICE and Czechoslovakia stamped on it.
Note the round cork 'button' on the right hand E/B lever [added by Barry to the instrument]. This makes it easier to feel where this lever is owing to the extra low Eb. This low Eb lever also makes an excellent 'full' fingered Bb in the middle of the stave, with the left hand Ab lever also pressed open.

The wood of the A has a more courser grain than the Bb. As these two Clarinets have apparently been made 'post' communist era the wood seems to be of a better quality. Amati Clarinets of an earlier period had a reputation for unstable wood including cracking but these two Amatis are of good quality. I did keep up the monthly light oiling of the bores however , especially during the colder months. Both Clarinets play very well in tune throughout the entire range. Considering that they are full boehms, they have kept very well  in adjustment with just the occasional tweaking of the adjustment screws. For Ebony clarinets , they do have a somewhat lighter tone.

As noted above , the Bb was not in playing order at the shop. While there , I was going to purchase an Amati Eb Alto as well. They had four of them in the shop. Not one of them was in working order ! . Totally unplayable actually. It only reinforced the opinion that I have of Australia being used as a dumping groung for 'seconds'. Anyway, enough of me ranting on, I do hope the above can be of some use to your site.
Yours Truly Barry 

More from Barry:
Because these are full boehms , they are 'heavyweights' as far as Clarinets go. The Bb weighs in at 816 grams
and the A weighs in at 845 grams. both minus mouthpieces. This amount of weight doesn't do wonders for the right
thumb and lower arm. Please add this comment to my previous comments of the Amati brand.

Thanks Barry, this information is really valuable. In this country, I didn't see Amati clarinets until rather recent years.