Noblet 27

According to eBay ads, this clarinet is supposed to have the same reverse taper bore as the professional model L27. So, from that description, I figured that it has the modern poly-cylindrical bore design. While I have found model 27 clarinets have better than average intonation, they are not as good in the low B-flat and A as the newer poly-cylindrical bore instruments.

From a brochure (as quoted on eBay):
The Noblet 27 was modeled after (and has the same bore design as) the Leblanc L27 clarinet. I have a Leblanc catalog that describes this model: "The Model 27 provides all the advantages of a professional clarinet at an economical price. It stays in regulation and encourages the steady progress towards the professional sound so gratifying to student and teacher alike. With the Model 27 the student is assured tonal superiority and easier control-ability. Playing in tune is no longer a problem because a completely normal and consistent embouchure can be used when playing from register to register.

As shown below, Noblet 27s from earlier years did not yet have the poly-cylindrical bore design. The two 1972 models that I am testing here do not have a bump in the longest right trill key (on the LH joint). It is more likely that poly-cylindrical model 27s come with a bump in the top trill key.

Serial #A1833 and A5667, both from 1972.
Barrel: 66mm
Bore LH joint top: 14.8mm
Bore LH joint at bottom: 14.8mm
This model is stamped Noblet 27 only on the keyed joints. The barrel and bell say Noblet N.

Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Wooden Clarinets main page.
I normally play a 64 or shorter barrel. So, even though the test was made pushed in all the way, I am flat in the throat tones when playing loudly. The sharpness in the Chalemeau register indicates that this 1972 model does not have the poly-bore technology. However, it is still very well in tune if one plays with the right barrel.

High register







Middle of treble clef






Throat tones













Intonation summary: Excellent, but not poly-cylindrical bore in 1972 models. People who normally play a standard 66mm barrel will be in tune on the throat tones, as I was when I used my 64.3mm barrel. However I was somewhat sharper on the other notes as well. The sharpness shows up most in the Chalemeau register, and much less in the upper register. The upper register can be lipped down into tune. This instrument plays almost identically with the Noblet N.

Key work quality: extremely sturdy Leblanc keywork. These keys will seldom bend unless the instrument is violently mistreated.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: advanced or intermediate students.

Reconditioned by Phil:
Sept 2010, #A1833, straight top RH trill key
Sept 2010, #A5667, straight top RH trill key, originally purchased in 1972.
Sept 2010, #A85588, from 1979. Looks like all of these will have the straight top RH trill key.
Oct 2010, #A18393, from 1973.
Dec 2010, #89723, from 1969.
Dec 2010, #A284, from 1971.
Jan-2011, #A43669, from 1974.
Jun-2011, #923A. For Katie in MO. The serial number does not match Noblet's system, with the A at the end. I would guess this was from 1971.
1Jul2011, #A26443 from 1973. For Joseph in CA.
10Jul2012, #20396A. Not sure what year that would be. I fixed a large chip on the LH joint lower tenon by splicing wood from another clarinet. Otherwise, in beautiful shape.
1Jun2013, #A282, straight top trill key. Once small chip fixed on each of the three tenons. Keys like new. I make this one 14.9mm at the top of the LH joint, and 15.0mm at the bottom of the same.
13Jan2014, #A46315. Beautiful. Straight top trill key. Bore 14.8mm at both top and bottom of LH joint.

Noblet 40, 45, and 27
1964 38500 42999
1965 43000 55999
1966 56000 58399
1967 58400 66999
1968 67000 78999
1969 79000 91299
1970 91300 98700
1971 A101 A12417
1972 A1101 A16000
1973 A16228 A33700
1974 A33701 A44832
1975 A44833 A57320
1976 A57321 A66597
1977 A66598 A76349
1978 A76350 A87894
1979 A87895 A95499
1980 A95000 B10309
1981 B10310 B10700
1982 B10701 B25890
1983 B25891 B28146
1984 B28147 B45800