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The Noblet clarinets are a step up from the Normandy model, but the difference is slight and both have the same sturdy Leblanc key work.

Barrel: 66.0 mm
Bore at top of LH joint: 14.9mm
Bore at bottom of LH joint: 14.9mm   This makes this model a wide bore instrument, more like the Selmer Signet.

Apr2010: Serial #63446, perhaps made in 1963. Complete pictures here.

Mid-2010, #A30271, made in 1973. Has the new style trill keys with bump in the top key.

Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Wooden Clarinets main page.
The first FMIT (black letter) test is actually the more recent. This was testing #B77550. For this test, I needed to use my 64.2mm Ridenour barrel. The factory 65.8mm barrel makes me too flat. This test was playing loud, as I always test. And pushed in all the way at the barrel, but pulled 1mm in the middle.

High register








A 102
Middle of treble clef

G 010

F 00/3

E 0-2

D -10

C 05

B 0
Throat tones

B-flat -2-6~

A 04

G -1-2

F -32/0


D 612

C 616

B-flat 613

A 108

G -13

F -15-5


Intonation summary: Excellent. I normally would be flatter than this with such a long barrel. Any flatness is due to my playing loudly for the test. This particular instrument is flatter on low A and mid-E because of a replaced tone hole. Update after testing #A30271: The newer model plays very similarly, only about 10 cents sharp on low B-flat and A. However this sharpness indicates that the 1973 model did not yet have poly-cylindrical bore technology.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: Intermediate to advanced musicians.
B59575, made in 1976.

Phil's Noblet N reconditioning:
See the subpage for a second review of Noblet N Serial A47406, made in 1975.

11Oct09: Serial #A5812. Probably made in 1971. Pictured below.

Oct09: Serial #45651. From the late 1960's or early 70's.
Sept2010: Serial #B5123, perhaps from 1980.
Sept2011: #34061, for Fernando.Mid-2010, #A30271, made in 1973. Has the new style top trill key with hump (as in the picture above). This has the diamond shaped logo.
August 2010, #36074, probably from 1963, has straight right trill keys, without the bump. Same logo.
Sept. 2010, #B5123, from 1980. Bump on top trill key, TV screen shaped logo. Old pinned crack on LH joint stabilized and made less visible.
Dec-2010, #91735, 1970, TV screen shaped logo. Straight right top trill key. Wood and keys in great condition. For Urs.
Dec-2010, #B42133, 1984, TV screen shaped logo. Bump/hump on the top trill key.
Jan-2011, #A71439, 1977, TV screen shaped logo. Bump/hump on the top trill key.
Jun-2011, #55216, TV logo, straight top trill key. From 1965. Slight repair to middle tenon. 4 state medals in case from Indiana! Sent to Bill who plays in NY and FL.
Feb2012, #26768, TV logo, from early 1960s. Extremely small tenon chipping repaired, two small places on the top of the LH joint.These are shown in the “before” pictures. Keys in great condition. This has 14.8mm bore at the top, and 14.75 at the bottom of the LH joint. Great intonation and response. Pictures.
6Mar2012, #B77550, TV logo, from the late 1980s. No repairs at all for tenon chipping. Bump in top trill key. There is some case damage to the keys, but no wear marks. 14.6mm bore at top and bottom. Excellent intonation! Pictures.
25Sept2012, #A47260, TV-screen logo, 14.8mm bore at top and bottom. Excellent wood. Light chipping fixed on the LH joint. No wear marks on the keys.
23Nov2012, #35831, perhaps from 1963, TV-screen logo. Some wear spots beinging to show on keys. Only one small chip on the top tenon of the LH  joint was filled and stabilized.
10Dec2012, #A33609,  perhaps from 1973. There was a deep chip broken from the lower tenon, 1/2 inch long, which I fixed by splicing in a piece from another clarinet. There was a very minor chip on the upper LH tenon. There was a hairline crack in the bell. And the barrel with this is the right bore and length, but does not appear to be a Noblet barrel. 
31Dec2012, #76041. Beautiful. No prior condition issues.
14Aug2013, #30490, TV-screen logo. 15mm at top and bottom of LH joint! No wood condition issues. Keys in great condition. Not pitted or worn, but getting cloudy.
15Aug2013, #B46907, for George C. TV-screen logo. Wood and keys in excellent shape. Hump in top trill key.
14Sept2013, #A10526, for Mona B. Excellent! No condition issues in wood or keys. TV screen logo.
7Dec2013, #22542, for Rodney Hilsabeck. What a great playing horn. And it's in perfect condition.
27Feb2014, #A7479, for Lois H to give to her daughter-in-law, Veronica H. Beautiful instrument in mint condition. Two cracks in bell filled and stabilized.
11May2014, #44598. Sold to Getruda H. Excellent condition of wood. Only very small key wear. Bell is from an older Noblet.
20June2014, #49882. Excellent condition. No condition issues.
1Aug2014, #2703, for Jack Seeley. Excellent condition. Diamond logo.
3Aug2014, #58319, for George Carrasco. Great condition and great player.
24Aug2014, #36761, TV-screen logo, for George Carrasco. Another great player. Only condition issue is minor key wear.
8Sept2014, #56577, diamond logo, for Dirk McComsey. This one is a beauty and it is a joy to play. No condition issues.
14Dec2014, #A3940, for Penny H. from Texas. The left hand joint was pinned long ago, and I resealed the crack. Beautiful tone and response.
30Jun2015, #34011, for Betty S. in Florida. Very slight chipping filled in the center tenon. What a great playing horn!
7Jul2015, #A17012. Beautiful and in pristine condition.
22Aug2016, #42410. Chipping on lowest tenon repaired. TV logo. Ab throat tone key has serious finish wear. Very slight filling in tiny chips in top tenon.

The two best lists of Noblet serial numbers I have found do not include the N model. I use the 40 27 models numbers.
I have not been able to find a list of serial numbers that specifically lists the N model, unless the N model is the same as these numbered models:

1964 38500 42999  42849 Normandy 10
1965 43000   53xxx N45 clarinet 55999
1966 56000 58399
1967 58400 66999
1968 67000 78999 
1969 79000 91299
1970 91300 98700
1971 A101   7811 Noblet 45
A415 Noblet 45
1972 A11101 A16000
1973 A16228 A33700
1974 A33701 A44832
1975 A44833 A57320
1976 A57321 A66597
1977 A66598 A76349
1978 A76350 A87894
1979 A87895 A96499
1980 A95000 B10309
1981 B10310 B10700
1982 B10701 B25890
1983 B25891 B28146
1984 B28147 B45800

Below are images of a Noblet N brochure from the 1960's, and a purchase receipt from 1960. The links to high-resolution scans are below.

Here are the links to the pictures above from
Early Noblet 40 1960's Brochure - 1
Early Noblet 40 1960's Brochure - 1
Receipt from early Noblet 40