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Yamaha YCL-34

Yamaha 34

Pads: Uses 9mm on the top. Probably 16mm on the bottom 3.
Serial: #049597 AII 
Barrel: 66.1mm
Top of LH joint Bore: 14.95mm
Bottom of LH joint Bore: 14.5mm poly-cylindrical
Key work: First rate. Very sturdy. No adjustment problems.
The wood seems to be first quality also.

High register
66mm barrel in all the way

pushed in all the way



D+10 to 13 

C+3 to 10 -8

B+3 0

A0 to +4 0
Middle of treble clef


G+4 to 9 -1

F+10 2

E+10 6

D+10 6

C+10 6

B+8 5
Throat tones


Bflat+10 7

A+5 7

G0 7

F0 -1

E0 to -4 -3


D0 5

C0 to +4 -2

Bflat+10 0

A+10 0

G0 -8

F-10 -18

Intonation: This is very good intermediate intonation. I was favorably impressed by this instrument. Next time I get one of these, I will need to test pulling out a bit. The horn tends to be sharp enough from A440 to be OK in most groups, in some passages that feature throat tones, one would still want a 65 or 64mm barrel.
[2Dec2012] I see a trend with model 34s, in which the clarion register and upper throat tones are higher than the main notes in the chalemeau or upper register.

Most appropriate for: I would recommend this instrument for intermediate to fairly advanced players.

Phil's Yamaha 34's:
2Dec2012 #011044AII Serial marked only on RH joint at the top.
5Jun2013, #029264AII, for Dan F. Great playing instrument.
25Jul2014, #002058A, the last 0 might be a 9. This was done for Gary Cramer.